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Working since 1908

About Warren Industries, Inc.

In 1908 C. F. Iszard and J. Henry Warren started the Iszard-Warren Company to design, manufacture, and sell precision surveying, engineering, and scientific instruments. In 1913 J. Henry Warren quickly took the reins and expanded the company as it became the Warren-Knight Instrument Company.

Over the past 100 years of Warren-Knight’s growth the company became a continuing reflection of our “in-the-field” knowledge gained from our customers and W-K’s dedication to engineering, product development, and service.

For many years, the Company manufactured and operated at its center-city Philadelphia location at 136 North 12th Street. In 1963, due to expansion of our manufacturing and our need to keep pace with customer requirements, the manufacturing plant and offices were relocated to their present facility in Northeast Philadelphia. The modern one-story building permits space and security needed to house the necessary automated equipment and tools required to provide the high level of quality demanded by our customers.

The 2045 Bennett Road location houses Warren-Knight Instrument Company and our retail service company, North American Survey Supply Company. NASS’s goals are to provide a similar service to the survey and engineering industry; however, NASS’s focus is on distribution of products manufactured from around the world.

Warren Industries, Inc., and its divisions: Warren-Knight Instrument Company and North American Survey Company, provide the world optical and electronic alignment systems which are reliable and accurate. As we continue to manufacture quality precision instruments for the aerospace, engineering, meteorological, metrological, nautical, and surveying applications, we continue to expand our technical capability to assure ready, reliable equipment.

Warren-Knight Instrument Company has provided the surveying, optical, measuring, scientific and engineering community the very best precision measurement has to offer for the past 100 years. With a reputation for high quality, long lasting, and well made products, Warren-Knight is proud to offer yet another service: Warren Industries Precision Manufacturing. Now you can take advantage of our years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and assembling very precise instruments and systems. Not only can we manufacture your assemblies or subassemblies, but we can help you engineer it. And, with an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, you are guaranteed the products we manufacture for you will meet your exact specifications.

When you are looking for a company to manufacture your custom gimbel, fixture, assembly, gage, jig, opto-mechnical device, or mount…look no further. Warren Industries Precision Manufacturing is ready to put its state of the art equipment and knowledge to work for you. The products featured on this page are intended to give you an idea of our capability. Our capability is not limited to the products on this page so call to discuss your requirements with our production specialists and you will find there is very little we can’t do!

From initial contact and demonstration to installation and final checkout at your site Warren-Knight personnel will provide a level of professional assistance you require and expect. Our staff of marketing and engineering specialists have become well respected problem solvers both in the U.S.A. and Worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of precision instrumentation, Warren-Knight enjoys relations with government agencies such as; the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, International Civil Aviation Organization, the National Weather Service, FAA, NATO, Army, Navy, and Air Forces around the world. Warren-Knight provides and maintains design, manufacturing, and service capabilities in weather, aviation, and navigation calibration for national and international research institutes and universities.